Can You Change Back and Forth Between Your Heating and Cooling System?

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Heating and Cooling Goose Creek SC

Our HVAC Goose Creek contractors have more than fifteen years of experience installing brand new furnaces or additional or repairing heating and air conditioning equipment and focusing on gas work here in South Carolina. Our employees usually work with booties and floor coverings and make sure to reduce mess and stay away from any valuable things in your house while we get, repair, clean, install or perhaps change equipment.

Our skilled contractors will be glad to go over the option you have for your mini-split structure, gas furnace, or other Heating and Air Goose Creek SC. Our ductwork cleaning employs special tools to wash and vacuum your ductwork after examining the whole duct, running, and cleaning the vents. 

We subsequently re-scoped the ductwork to make sure we got everything. Heating systems are notoriously tricky on spaces, separations, cracks, and ductwork happening over time from the heat, airflow, and vibration. 

We provide outstanding artistry at affordable prices. Our objective is to ensure that you are happy with our offering of HVAC services; that is an assurance.

Changing HVAC System Back and Forth

Many homeowners are concerned about shuttering or wearing out their HVAC system’s heating and cooling components by switching back and forth. However, if done correctly, this shouldn’t cause any issue in your home. 

If you want to shift back and forth between your heating and air conditioning, it is essential to make sure you don’t short-cycle your air conditioning system. Short-cycling is when your air conditioner turns on and off quickly. It can’t correctly cool down your house and can put stress on your HVAC system. Short-cycling can cause high energy bills, and it can rip your fuse or circuit breaker. To avoid short-cycling, you must focus on your unit. If your appliances are actively cooling your house since your thermostat is set to a low temperature, then you might be tempted to turn the thermostat up to shut the air conditioner off but then quickly turn it on again. It can cause your compressor to lock up, so make sure not to do this. 

You can keep away from short-cycling by keeping your thermostat turned off for 5-10 minutes after the air conditioning unit shuts down. After this time, the refrigerant pressure will equalize, and you can safely start another cycle. 

Your compressor might stock up if you put it in high-pressure start-up conditions. Since your air conditioning system draws a high amp rate when this happens, it can cause a breaker or fuse to blow. If your unit shuts off and thinks it might be because of short-cycling, you need to inspect your fuses or breakers. Go out and check for the air conditioning unit because some have a different breaker. If it seems like your fuses and breaker are sufficient, then your system may not have short-cycled. It could have another issue entirely, and it’s best to call an HVAC tech to check it out. They can let you know if it’s a quick fix or a more significant repair. 

Changing back and forth between heating and air conditioning during the spring and fall is not necessarily bad for your HVAC system. But to make sure that they don’t become damaged, it’s crucial to have a qualified technician perform regular maintenance on your units. 

HVAC Goose Creek Home Services

Whether it is a heating or an air conditioning system which has to be replaced, inspected, or if you have a problem with your indoor air quality, our comfort professional & specialists have the right solution for you. We are located in South Carolina and are a family-owned business, which continually puts the customers first.

You can reach us at We are 24/7 available for your needs. Hurry up! Book your appointment with us! 



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